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Bed bugs have appeared in nearly every commercial space possible, from apartments to offices, hospitals to hotels – even movie theaters are reporting instances of this resilient pest.

An infestation can not only threaten your business, but your reputation and your bottom line. When it comes to bed bugs, quick detection and appropriate treatment is necessary to ensure a problem does not grow out of control.

Orkin will work with you to create a bed bug management plan that incorporates the right treatment for your business

Keeping Up with a Resurgent Pest

It’s suspected that a combination of factors have contributed to bed bugs’ resurgence. In the past, broad-spectrum pesticides may have helped control bed bugs while controlling other pests. Today, pest control treatments are more pest-specific and less stringent, giving bed bugs an opportunity to rebound.

Their resurgence has forced the pest control industry to try other methods to combat the rapid spread of this pest. Orkin works with many universities
to develop new techniques and improved products.

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A Provider You Can Trust

With more than a century of experience, Orkin is trusted by more businesses than any other pest management provider in North America.

We offer comprehensive pest management programs administered by knowledgeable, certified Orkin Commercial Pest Specialists armed with the latest technology.

Whether using OrkinHeatTM or conventional methods, Orkin will work with you and your staff to determine which bed bug treatment plan is right for your business.

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