Bed Bug Treatments Which One is Right for You?

Orkin takes a unique approach to each bed bug treatment. We start with a thorough inspection either visually, with the aid of canines or with DNA testing to confirm bed bugs are present. We then create a customized plan for your situation based on our findings.

Conventional Treatment

uses products that not only kill bed bugs on contact, but can combat them several months later.

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The Process:

  • Remove as many bed bugs as possible using vacuuming; however, some items may not be salvageable
  • Treat targeted areas with non-residual and residual insecticides
  • Follow-up required in 2-10 days, at which time additional residual treatment is typically necessary
  • Use encasements for mattresses, box springs and other furniture


  • Guaranteed for 30 days
  • Successfully practiced throughout North America at every level of infestation
  • Cost-effective service that is both efficient and discreet

OrkinHeatTM Treatment

raises ambient temperatures to a lethal level for pests, killing all bed bug life stages.

Man holding handheld heating device

The Process:

  • Remove as many bed bugs as possible using vacuuming
  • Remove heat-sensitive items and disable sprinkler systems
  • A temperature range of 125-130°F (using propane or electric heaters) is required at the core of the target area
  • While chemical free, a residual treatment is recommended since re-infestation or re-introduction can occur after treatment


  • Can effectively penetrate through materials like mattresses and other furniture
  • Helps stop the growth of mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Treatment, including setup, typically takes only one day

Consider This
When considering which treatment to use to combat bed bugs, here are some questions to ask

  • Is discreet treatment a top priority?
  • What treatments are available in my area?*
  • Is there a preference for how long the treatment should take?
  • How much prep work am I able to help with?

Work with your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist to ensure that you make the right choice.

*Check with your local Orkin team to see if OrkinHeatTM is available in your area.

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