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SATORI ENERGY: Services & Capabilities

June 12, 2024

In each relationship, Satori Energy creates a customized solution that best meets our client’s specific needs. We recognize that we are in business to serve our clients, and we make it our goal to exceed client expectations every time. Bottom Line: Our clients get a better price and more value by working with us. List of firm services and capabilities […]

CASE STUDY: ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATES – Creative procurement procedures saves client money and kWh

Situation A client expressed a desire to improve plant efficiency during the process of eval­uating and discussing electric supply contract renewal options with Satori Energy. The plant had not yet undergone a LED retrofit, and some other pieces of equip­ment were old and using more energy than potential replacements. Solution Satori Energy solicited quotes for a new electric supply agreement, […]

 ENERGY ENLIGHTENMENT: Sustainability and Renewables

Sustainability is top of mind for many organizations, and Satori Energy can assist with measuring and managing your carbon footprint. Carbon emissions occur from several different sources, and understanding how to determine your carbon footprint can be intimidating. Satori Energy makes it easy by guiding you through the process. But, what then? Satori Energy can also assist you in reducing […]

 ENERGY ENLIGHTENMENT: California Direct Access

California has a unique program for customers to take advantage of electricity deregulation. Satori Energy can guide you through the process to savings. California allows a limited number of customers to enroll with a third-party retail electric supplier. Each year they award space in this program (called Direct Access) via a structured “lottery.” If customers are awarded space, then they […]

What Could Go Wrong With My Plumbing?

June 11, 2024

Essential know-how for keeping your home’s  pipes flowing smoothly Let’s face it. Your plumbing system is probably one of the least glamorous things to invest in. But if you’ve ever experienced water heater problems, leaky pipes, or poor water pressure, you understand how essential indoor plumbing is to make everyday life comfortable. Pipes, fixtures, and parts of your plumbing can degrade with age […]

Faux Wood Blinds vs Wood Blinds: Choosing the Best for Your Home

Choosing between faux wood blinds  and wood blinds is a choice many homeowners will need to make when enhancing the appearance and functionality of their windows with the perfect set of blinds. Making the right choice depends on your home decor, budget, personal preference, and more. In this article, you will find out the difference between wood and faux wood blinds which will help you […]