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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation: Top 10 Advantages

June 11, 2024

Enjoy the rewarding perks of installing spray foam insulation in residential and commercial properties. The latest advancements in insulation materials deliver better results than traditional insulation. From enhanced comfort to reduced utility bills, spray foam improves several aspects of a property owner’s life. Find the 10 major benefits of spray foam insulation below. 1. Reduced Heat Transfer The main advantage to open-cell […]

Your Brain Health Checklist

It’s never too early to start taking care of your brain health. Fortunately, many of the healthy choices that help your body stay healthy can help your brain stay healthy, too. Here’s a list of the basics for maintaining brain health. How many can you check off? More studies are needed to confirm the link between smoking and brain health. […]

5 Tips to Help You Find Your Fitness Motivation

Are you itching to get more active but struggling to find the motivation? Despite your best intentions, sometimes it can be a challenge to start and maintain a fitness routine. But it’s well worth the effort. Staying fit is not only key to better strength and endurance, but it can also improve your sleep, boost your confidence, and even curb […]

Selecting the Right Vendors for Your HOA

November 26, 2019

A successfully-run homeowners’ association (HOA) is never a solo endeavor. It takes an engaged board, an experienced Community Association Manager (CAM), and multiple vendors, who you can rely on for maintenance, landscaping, and more. If your board is struggling to find and keep the right community partners, contractors, and vendors, then we can help. Check out our eight tips for choosing the […]

Partner Post: Three Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

November 7, 2019

by SECOND NATURE Fall is well underway, and we all know what that means. In the heart of America, it’s that time—start prepping your home for the impending cold weather. Here are our three quick and easy tips to get you and your family one step closer to a warm and energy-efficient winter. 1. REVERSE YOUR CEILING FANS. Your ceiling […]

Partner Post: Tips for Touching-Up Paint

August 1, 2019

by Dunn-Edwards Corporation Touch-up refers to the application of paint to a recently (less than 1 year) painted surface. These may be missed areas (holidays) or areas of repair. No touch-up is perfect, but if done correctly, it should blend in acceptably with the surrounding painted area. There are several variables that can affect the appearance of touched-up areas The […]