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Exporting C3 Data
  • Go to Reports > User Defined Reports >
  • Scroll to Owner_Information, click on that category. NOT Owner_Information_ALL
  • Click the following boxes:
  • Account ID
  • Owner Name
  • Home_phone1
  • Work_phone1
  • Mobile_phone1
  • Other_phone1
  • Email_addr
  • Unit_Address
  • Unit_city_state_zip
  • Mailing Address
  • Mailing city state zip
  • Click Retrieve
  • Select one community or a group of communities (in most cases you will select a single community unless multiple communities are sharing a single system)
  • Click OK
  • Export the data into an excel spreadsheet by following the steps below:
  1. Click File
  2. Save Visible Columns As
  3. Select the SAVE IN
  4. Enter FILE NAME
  5. Select Excel with headers in SAVE AS TYPE

FINAL STEP: Send the exported data to VOLO customer service for uploading into your VOLO Village account

NOTE: If you need to update your VOLO Village database due to re-sales at a later date, you can pull a list of new owners since the original upload of homeowner data by:

  • Going to Reports > Account Reports > Settlement Reports
  • Enter the necessary date range (date of last data upload thru the current date)
  • Add/Remove the necessary owners from the last set of Record Data that was sent for upload to your VOLO Village system