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Industry experts agree: long-lasting remediation of mold and mildew requires a process that will CLEAN the surface, KILL remaining microscopic organisms and then CONTROL future growth. Leave out one of these steps and you leave the surface vulnerable for new mold and mildew growth to take hold. That’s why industry best practices indicate a thorough 3-step process. That’s why there’s new Storm System Mold & Mildew Solutions, best-in-class formulations designed for use by both homeowners and professionals. Please visit for how to videos.

Apply Step 1 Clean Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner onto effected surface until evenly wet. Allow product to work into the surface and lift matter out through the foaming action (5-10 minutes). Wipe with a damp sponge before surface is dry.
Disinfect surface with Step 2 Kill Disinfectant & Deodorizer. Thoroughly wet surface and allow to remain wet for 10 minutes. Let surface air dry.
Choose and apply the appropriate Step 3 Control product for your situation

Associa on Call Pricing:
 Step 1 CAL00471/EA $32.58
 Step 2 CAL00481/EA $20.51
 Step 3 CAL00491/EA $20.99
Pricing Effective Until 12/31/2017