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CASE STUDY: ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATES – Creative procurement procedures saves client money and kWh

on June 12, 2024


Satori Energy finds that creative procurement procedures save client money and kWh


A client expressed a desire to improve plant efficiency during the process of eval­uating and discussing electric supply contract renewal options with Satori Energy. The plant had not yet undergone a LED retrofit, and some other pieces of equip­ment were old and using more energy than potential replacements.


Satori Energy solicited quotes for a new electric supply agreement, and worked with one supplier to include energy efficiency rebates worth up to $2,000 within their offer. The supplier’s quotes not only included these favorable incentives, but were the most competitive quotes received – creating over $55,000 in energy cost savings in addition to the $2,000 in rebate incentives. The client was able to undergo a LED retrofit and received a check for $2,000 from the supplier within two months of undergoing the expenses.

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