It Takes A Lot To Be The Orkin Man®

At Orkin, we have invested millions to develop award-winning training programs that extend well beyond the classroom. This means every one of our customers benefits from the nationally recognized pest control knowledge, tools and techniques that define The Orkin Man®

Our Commercial Pest Specialists complete 160 hours of hands-on training in their first year, including:

  • Training in specific protocols for your industry as well as federal, state and local regulatory requirements.
  • Treatment techniques that conform to industry standards, ensuring one of the smartest and most effective pest management programs available.
  • Formal accredited class work from Purdue University.

Orkin Learning Center

Man wearing Orkin uniform and tie.

Orkin has long been recognized for its intensive training. No investment in employees has defined Orkin’s commitment more visibly than the Orkin Learning Center. The Atlanta facility includes a mock hotel room, restaurant kitchen, hospital room, bar, food storage warehouse, food retail aisle, rooftop air ducts and other “real-world” settings to provide trainees with the hands-on experience they need to meet the specialized challenges of commercial environments.

Orkin TV

Our interactive television communications network creates a live virtual “classroom” for our nearly 8,000 employees. This allows for in-depth training in real time at our locations across the country, so you can be sure your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist is up to date on the latest pest management techniques no matter where you are.