Shovels, Spreaders & Ice Breakers


Steel Core Handle

Combines the strength of steel with the comfort and grip of resin.

Steel Wear Strip

Snobladz deluxe units feature galvanized steel wear strips to minimize corrosion and maximize durability.

Maximum Grip

Distinctive surface patterns on all Snobladz handles provide maximum grip.

Unparalleled Design

Unique angled rib design throws more snow forward, creating a powerful snowplow effect.

Shovel models: 2100 Graphite, 2450 Graphite 24" Pusher, Ergonomic Handle Shovel, 2700 Graphite Combo, 1000 Blue Poly-Edge, 7500 Graphite Ice Breaker

Suncast Shovels

Suncast Shovel Pricing
2100 Graphite Shovel$22.50
2700 Graphite Combo Shovel$27.00
2450 Graphite 24″ Pusher$31.50
7500 Graphite Ice Breaker$38.00
Ergonomic Handle Shovel$29.50
1000 Blue Poly-Edge Shovel$14.75

Earthway Commercial Heavy Duty Spreader with Pneumatic Tires


Earthway Commercial Heavy Duty Spreader.

Earthway Pro Heavy Duty Spreader with Pneumatic Tires, Cover & 100+ lb Hopper


Earthway Pro Spreader with cover and 100+ pound hopper

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