Ice Melt Facts


Why you should use Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter®:

  • Effective to -20°F (-29°C)
  • Does not contain calcium chloride or magnesium chloride
  • Does not damage carpets, flooring or leather
  • No oily residue
  • Will not damage pet’s paws
  • Contains special anti-caking agents that prevent hardening during storage

How it Works

When ice melt granules contact the snow, they ionize and form a brine solution. This brine solution is central to the melting process. The granules penetrate the snow and ice until they reach the surface. The brine solution can eventually become diluted with additional ice and snow, which can lead to refreezing. The refreezing depends on the amount of ice melt granules applied and the effectiveness of each granule.

See how Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® with Meltium® out performs other deicers in clinical testing.

Corrosion steel testing table of materials and weight loss in mg. Rock salt is just over 300mg, Calcium chloride is about 300mg, tap water is a little less than 300 mg, Magnesium chloride is less than 200mg, potassium chloride is less than 150mg, and Sno-n-ice is close to 0mg.
Percent of damage to vegetation table. Dyna Melt is 5x, Safe Step is 5, Triple Melt is 3x, Potassium Chloride is 3x and Sno-N-Ice is 1x.
Relative Damage to Concrete Surface bar graph by surface damage percent. Magnesium Chloride is 60%, calcium chloride is 50%, sodium chloride is 25%, tap water is 23%, Sno-n-ice is 2%
Safer Choice badge. Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards

Making a Difference

Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® is designed to be non-corrosive to concrete. Through years of research, our manufacturer has developed formulas that actually strengthen concrete to make it less vulnerable to typical freeze-thaw-refreeze cycles. An application of Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® not only keeps your walkways from being slippery, but also makes your concrete better suited to handle the extremes of winter.

Manufactured by:

CP Industries, Salt Lake City, UT. York, PA

Distributed by:

Solutex, Solutions for a Clean and Healthy Planet,