Moisture Management

Man wearing gloves and respirator installing SmartBatt between wall studs.
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SmartBatt™ with MoistureSense™ Technology

SmartBatt™ With MoistureSense Technology

SMARTBATT Product Availability
R-ValueR-11 – $-38
Thickness3 1/2″ – 12″
Width15″ – 24 1/2″

Low Humidity

SmartBatt blocks moisture from getting in when humidity in the cavity is low

Blocks moisture from getting in when humidity in the cavity is low

High Humidity

SmartBatt lets moisture in the cavity escape when humidity is high.

Lets it escape when humidity in the cavity is high

Intelligent Moisture Management

Moisture is unavoidable. It can get into wall cavities from the outside during hot humid summers and from the inside during cold dry winters. Traditional vapor retarders can trap moisture within the walls, creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew and wood rot. Insulation performance and indoor air quality can suffer and eventually, structural damage becomes a real possibility.

SMARTBATTT with MoistureSenseTM Technology is the first and only insulation that actively helps protect homes from the damaging effects of moisture. It’s a revolutionary way to manage moisture and create a healthier indoor environment for your customers.

How It Works

At the core of SMARTBATT is CertainTeed’s sustainable fiberglass wool, which has been engineered for superior drying capabilities as well as thermal resistance and noise reduction. The SMARTBATT MoistureSense facing performs as a smart vapor retarder—its permeability adjusts according to the humidity inside the walls. When it’s low, SMARTBATT keeps moisture from getting in. When it’s high, SMARTBATT lets the moisture inside the walls escape into the conditioned interior of the home, keeping walls dry year-round.

SMARTBATT meets or exceeds even the most forward-looking building code requirements for a vapor retarder, and with 66% less asphalt, it’s even easier to cut and install than traditional kraft.

Tablet with video of low vs high humidity and SmartBatt.

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