Why Insulate

Complete Comfort

Your insulation choice impacts thermal performance as well as moisture management, air tightness and acoustics. It’s important to choose wisely during a home’s construction, as upgrading later can be difficult and expensive. When the insulation you choose successfully controls all of the following aspects, you can achieve a higher level of comfort for your customers.

Thermal Performance + Air Tightness + Moisture Management + Acoustics = Complete Comfort

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The Benefits of Insulation

An under-insulated home will experience substantial heat loss and gain throughout the year—and there are literally millions of older homes that lack sufficient insulation. Sealing leaks and installing high quality CertainTeed insulation benefits homeowners in several ways:

  • Improves comfort, with fewer drafts and hot and cold spots
  • Lowers energy bills year-round for the life of the home
  • Helps ensure performance of HVAC systems
  • Provides potentially higher resale value
  • Protects roofs against winter ice dams
Diagram of energy loss through walls, floor, windows and doors in a house.
25% energy lost through the roof from air leaking out of the house, 25% energy lost through windows and doors from air leaking into the house, 35% energy lost through outside walls from air leaking into the house, 15% energy lost through ground floors from.