Fiberglass Batt and Roll Insulation

Interior of house without wallboard. Batt insulation is visible between wall studs.
Two sizes of batt insulation. One is several inches thick and a few inches wide. The other has a smaller width and is about an inch thick.

Fiberglass insulation delivers exceptional energy efficiency and thermal performance that result in more comfortable living spaces and lower energy costs for homeowners.

Heat constantly moves to colder areas, which is why homes need thermal resistance (measured by R-Value) between the indoors and outdoors. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power.

CertainTeed fiberglass insulation is compression packaged for ease of handling and comes in a wide range of R-Values, sizes and facings. It’s critical to determine the recommended R-Value according to your region. However, code is a recommended minimum.

Sustainable Insulation®
Kraft and Unfaced Product Availability
R-ValueR-11 to R-49
Thickness3 1/2″ to 15″
Width15″ to 24″
Two bags of CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation. One is R-38 and one is R-15.

CertainTeed is dedicated to Building Responsibly™. This commitment means more than simply producing high performance insulation that has a
positive impact on the environment by reducing energy consumption. It also means minimizing the impact of our manufacturing and shipping operations, and developing next-generation insulation products that raise the bar for environmental performance.

Our line of Sustainable Insulation® is just such a product. It is made with a
renewable, plant-based binder, and does not have any formaldehyde, harsh
acrylics, dyes or unnecessary fire-retardant chemicals added. What’s more,
the manufacturing process for Sustainable Insulation requires less water and consumes less energy than standard processes.

With exceptional handling benefits including superior rigidity, recovery and cutability, Sustainable Insulation improves job site efficiency. Batts and rolls are less dusty and easier to work with, while also providing the excellent thermal, acoustical and indoor air quality performance that customers demand.