Fiberglass Batt and Roll Insulation

Person wearing gloves and respirator installing CertainTeed batts in between wall studs.

Tabless Fiberglass Insulation

SpeedyR Product Availability
R-ValueR-13 – R-21
Thickness3 1/2″ – 6 1/4″
Width11 1/4″ – 15 1/4″

SpeedyR™ is intended for use as thermal insulation in walls with standard-width wood-framed construction where a vapor retarder is needed. This product also provides excellent acoustical performance. SpeedyR has a kraft facing without flanges and can be friction-fit between wall studs for non-exposed applications; stapling is not required because the fiberglass fills the entire cavity. Installing this product will save time and improve productivity by reducing field labor.

Basement Wall Insulation

Man wearing gloves and a respirator installing a large sheet of insulation on basement wall.
Basement Wall Product Availability
R-ValueR-11 – R-19
Thickness31/8″ – 61/4″
Width48″ – 72″

Basement wall insulation is available with two facings—white PSK and standard FSK, both perforated—and is designed for use in residential applications where code or builder preference specifies an insulated basement area. This product is intended for applications where the
insulation will be left exposed. It can be applied either half-wall or full-wall. (Half-wall is not recommended for hollow block walls; they should be insulated full height.) Rolls are available in 50-foot (15.25 m) lengths.