SmartLink Total Protection Warranty PDF

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Smartlink Wireless Landscape Network
Smartlink weather station

Total coverage of your SmartLink system, including Controller, Weather station, and Aircard.

Protects against lightening, theft and physical damage. No questions asked.

The SmartLink Aircard screen connected to two wires. The screen says Works with SmartLine ProLine and has status indicator for Panel, Tower, Signal and Activation. It says Activate Aircard at and has a Weathermatic logo.

Total cost of ownership so you can avoid surprise expenses if equipment fails. No deductibles or processing fees.

Instant over-the-counter exchange at your Authorized Weathermatic SmartLink Distributor.

Smartline Controller - a gray box with a lid. Under the lid, buttons and a screen for controlling the device.

Have peace of mind for pennies a day.

Covered Items:

SmartLine and ProLine controllers and modules, SmartLine On-Site Weather Stations and SmartLink Aircard (model: SL-AIRCARD)


Lightning damage, theft, physical and liquid damage, and defects in materials and workmanship

Warranty Claim:

2 claims within any consecutive 12 month period with a maximum list price value of $1,400 per claim.

Replacement Equipment:

Claims will be fulfilled with identical equipment, or, if identical is not available, a comparable model.


Enrollment can only be made at the time of purchasing a new SmartLink Service Plan.


$69.95 per year (no annual cost if financed through the Capital Program.)

Warranty Claim Instructions:

If your device fails or is stolen, contact Weathermatic Customer Care immediately at 1-888-484-3776 to receive your Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. Be sure to file your warranty claim within 15 days of the loss.

Return the failed product to your Authorized SmartLink Distributor and provide the RMA number. The distributor will verify the RMA number with Weathermatic Customer Care and provide an over the counter exchange of the same equipment as your original, or comparable equipment with similar quality and features. Replacement SmartLink Aircards will carry the same service plan period as the original Aircard claimed under the warranty.

For complete coverage details and contact information, see the SmartLink User Agreement.