Smartlink Wireless Landscape Network

A smarter way to save.

Conventional timer-based systems water on weekly schedules that once programmed, are rarely changed. Because of this, they tend to over-water by 20-60%. They also do not take into account seasonal, soil, plant and weather conditions. Over-watering injures plants and creates runoff that can lead to costly damage to pavement and walkways. Not to mention, it’s embarrassing.

Smartline Controller - a gray box with a lid. Under the lid, buttons and a screen for controlling the device.

The SmartLine Controller is the water-saving control system in SmartLink. It has been installed on more than 200,000 properties saving an average of 38% in water use by taking into account all the necessary conditions to maximize irrigation efficiency.

Bar chart illustrating a $6,000 water bill with 62% allocated for Landscape Requirement and 38% as excess watering at a $2,300 cost.

What SmartLink can do for you.

Dramatic Water Savings.

Saves an average of 38% on water with auto adjust features which precisely irrigate

Landscape Beautification.

Weather-sensitive irrigation avoids over-watering or under-watering to extend plant life

Real-Time Reporting.

Water savings reports help you regularly see the benefits of Smart weather-based irrigation

Freeze Prevention.

Automatically prevents watering during freezes

Reduce Hardscape Damage.

Avoid costly damage to pavements and parking lots from water run-off

Immediate Compliance.

Web-based programming for quick compliance with water restrictions to avoid costly fines

Web-Based Control.

Enable your contractor to instantly shutdown your system in an emergency

Equipment Assurance.

Equipment warranty to cover lightning, theft, and physical damage

Flow Sensing.

When the SmartLink Flow Sensor is installed, it will provide critical information used to take water management to a new level

Now you have Control of your Controller

The most important part of an irrigation system is the controller. Like the dashboard of a car, you need to have critical information provided to you in order to drive. Sadly, conventional controllers do not have the technology to give you the feedback and control needed to run your system efficiently. There’s nothing conventional about SmartLink. Go Smart. Go SmartLink.

Comparison of conventional sprinkler timers with Smartlink® Wireless Landscape Network
Conventional Sprinkler TimerSmartlink® Wireless Landscape Network
Loses time, programming, and landscapeRetains time, date and program. No battery is required for ordinance compliance
Non-compliant with watering day restrictions = Frequent repair trips or costly fines. Non-compliant and illegal to install in many areasComplies with watering day restrictions and special event programming, using web-based control. Increasingly required in new building codes
Low efficiency = over watering to limit landscape loss due to weather changesHigh efficiency = Automatically adjusted watering times based on the weather to save 20-60%
No remote access for urgent programming changesRemote access for rain/freeze events, allows shutdown and instant off capability to limit liabilities
No remote monitoring or reportingFault monitoring and reporting of water savings
Limited and commonly expired equipment warranty only covers manufacturer defectsLifetime of service equipment warranty includes coverage for lightning, theft, and physical damage

The SmartLink Network includes the SmartLine Controller, SmartLink Aircard and Weather Station. Combined, there’s nothing else like it.

Smartline Controller - a gray box with a lid. Under the lid, buttons and a screen for controlling the device.
The SmartLink Aircard screen connected to two wires. The screen says Works with SmartLine ProLine and has status indicator for Panel, Tower, Signal and Activation. It says Activate Aircard at and has a Weathermatic logo.
Smartlink weather station