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Let Solutex handle your custom logo mat project. We have managed the production of hundreds of the most beautiful logo mats. Whether it’s a “Waterhog Logo Inlay,” a “Colorstar Coputuft,” or a digitally printed “Classic Impressions,” we can help you find a logo mat style that will be perfect for your facility.

150 Camel - light brown rug sample
150 Camel
151 Medium Brown carpet sample
151 Medium Brown
Dark brown carpet sample
152 Dark Brown
153 Light green carpet sample
153 Light Green
154 Charcoal rug sample - dark grey rug
154 Charcoal

155 Red/Black rug sample - red rug with black speckles
155 Red/Black
156 Medium Blue rug sample - royal blue
156 Medium Blue
157 Medium Gray rug sample
157 Medium Gray
158 Bluestone rug sample - dark gray color.
158 Bluestone
159 Evergreen rug sample. Dark green color.
159 Evergreen
160 Bordeaux - dark reddish brown color.
160 Bordeaux
161 Navy rug sample - dark grayish blue color.
161 Navy
162 White rug sample. White rug with grey speckles.
162 White
163 Aquamarine rug sample - bright bluish green color.
163 Aquamarine
164 Gold rug sample. Dark yellow-brown color.
164 Gold
165 Solid Red - bright red color
165 Solid Red
166 Yellow - bright yellow with brown speckles
166 Yellow
167 Orange rug sample. Bright orange color.
167 Orange
168 Purple rug sample. Bright purple color.
168 Purple
Three charcoal rugs. One has an orange and white logo for The Shelby. One has an orange and white logo for The Asher. One with a green and white logo for Tellus Apartments.
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