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Community Notification Made Easy

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VOLO Village System

VOLO Village sets the standard for HOA and COA resident communication. Village is the only solution which includes 2 tools – The Communications module and the ThunderCall module.

Communication / Features

Message Types – Send messages via Recorded Voice, TTS (text to speech), SMS text, Email, Alert Messenger App, RSS, Social Media, and any internet connected alerting device.
Unlimited Usage – Send an unlimited number of voice, text and email messages. Never pay usage fees!
Interactive Survey – Conduct surveys that include up to 5 questions – via voice, text and email.
Confirmation – Request message confirmation.
Map Based – Target message recipients using the interactive mapping interface. Select a single home, one side of the street, or the entire community.
Unlimited Groups – Create and manage an unlimited number of groups for targeted messages.
Unlimited Scenarios – Create communication scenarios for future use, “one click alerts”. Evacuations, missing persons and pets, boil water notices.
Schedule Messages – Create message campaigns and select the date and time to send it. VOLO Village will do the rest.
Insta-Launch – Launch messages from anywhere just by dialing the toll free instalaunch line or using the app.
Interactive Reporting – View message campaign information for each message type.

VOLO Village includes the industry’s most comprehensive resident database management and interactivity options.

Resident Management

Data Auto Loader – Automatically load resident data from accounting software, community management software, or even a spreadsheet.
Self Subscription – Residents will have access to a self registration portal to add themselves into your VOLO account.
Portal – Residents may be provided access to their contact information, contact preferences, and ThunderCall settings from the portal.
Direct Link – Link on community web-site for resident registration.
Full ThunderCall Subscription – Every resident will receive a full ThunderCall subscription and the ThunderCall monitoring app.
Select Preferences – Residents can manage their contact preferences from the resident portal. Let them choose how they receive notifications.
Retrieve Messages – Residents can retrieve messages from the portal at their convenience.

Sam Jordan 1-888-VOLO-123

ThunderCallⓇ System

T h e C a l l B e f o r e T h e S t o r m

VOLO Village includes a ThunderCall Ⓡ subscription for every resident in the community and their family. Our Patented ThunderCallⓇ is the most accurate, and fastest severe weather technology available.

ThunderCallⓇ / About

Fully Automated – Set your warning preferences and ThunderCall does the rest.
• 24x7x365 – ThunderCall never sleeps. VOLO Village is directly connected to NOAA’s weather satellites. The instant severe weather is detected ThunderCall messages are launched.
Speed– Nothing is faster than ThunderCall. We bypass the middleman in both storm detection and message sending our alerts are received minutes ahead of everything else.
PRECISION – ThunderCall uses “POLYGON” storm based warning technology – most other services use county wide warning. (see illustration)
Multi-Modal Alerts – ThunderCall is directly tied into VOLO’s national alerting network. Residents can choose to receive messages via Voice, SMS text, email, and push notifications.
HOA / COA Weather Mapping – In addition to automated alerting ThunderCall also provides a mapping interface that allows you to see severe weather alerts and other weather patterns to visualize how they may impact your community.
Location Based – ThunderCall will monitor two addresses for every resident (home, work, vacation).
Alert Messenger APP – Every resident will be provided a free download of the alert messenger app for weather alerts based on their exact position.

Most alerting technologies
still depend on the older county based warnings to determine who may be impacted by the storm. This leads to ”cried wolf” syndrome.

VOLO’s ThunderCall uses the “polygon” storm based warnings. When you receive a ThunderCall you know its real.

Sam Jordan 1-888-VOLO-123