VOLO Village includes the full compliment of mobile access software via the Alert Messenger APP and VOLO Gadget.

Gadget Mobile

1 Click Launch – launch voice, text, email, and push notification
messages from any mobile device.

Alert Messenger

Residents will receive “PUSH” notifications for weather alerts and
important community messages.

“we needed to send a message to one side of the street asking residents not to park in the street due to road work the next day, we used the Village map and sent messages to just those residents”

VOLO Village provides a comprehensive implementation program which includes training and live support .


o Implementation – The VOLO client services team walks you through the setup process.
o Resident Autoloader – VOLO’s database management team will format and load resident data into your live VOLO Village account.
o Registration portal – VOLO’s tech team will stand up your resident signup page and share the link for posting on your community website.
o Resident portal – VOLO’s tech team will review your portal settings and help you decide how much or how little access to provide residents.
o Training – The VOLO Client service team will schedule training with you and your managers to show you how use your Village system.
o On-Going Support – VOLO Client services will provide continuous 24x7x365 support.

Sam Jordan 1-888-VOLO-123 www.volovillage.com sam.jordan@volovillage.com

VOLO Village System

What’s Included

Per Door / Resident:
• 2 people per address
• 4 Phone numbers
• 2 SMS text numbers
• 2 email addresses
• 2 ThunderCall subscriptions
• Alert Messenger APP for every resident including dynamic ThunderCall monitoring
• Self Registration Site
• Self management portal
• Unlimited Group Membership
• Unlimited messaging
System User:
• Unlimited System Administrators
• Unlimited 24×7 Service / Support
• Unlimited System usage &
message sending
• User permissions
• Portal permissions
• Implementation Program
• Message template library
• SURVEY – via voice, TTS, SMS
• Gadget Mobile launcher
• ThunderCall monitoring
• Geo-Mapping interface and targeting
• Geo-Mapping weather overlays
• Self Registration Site
• Unlimited Groups

VOLO Village licensing is straightforward, all inclusive and easy to budget. The annual fee is calculated using the number of
“Doors” in your HOA or COA.

Community Info:
Community Name:
Number of Doors:
Cost per Door per Year: $4
Annual Fee:
Non-Associa price is $4 times total # of households.
Associa’s price is $2.50 times total # of households.

Sam Jordan 1-888-VOLO-123 www.volovillage.com sam.jordan@volovillage.com