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Associa Community Managers Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Weathermatic?

  • Weathermatic was founded in 1945 (Dallas based)
  • World’s leader in smart irrigation connected controllers
  • More than 450,000 smart controllers installed in 85 countries
  • Some clients include Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, SunTrust, Publix, Target, Home Depot, Arby’s, UCLA, Clemson University, Texas A&M, Associa, CBRE, GGP and JLL

What is smart irrigation control?

Throughout 90%+ of HOA and Multi-Family properties, traditional irrigation timer-based controllers water on weekly schedules that once programmed, are rarely changed. Because of this, they tend to over water by 30-60%. These “timers” also do not take into account varying types of sprinklers, soils, plants and ever-changing weather conditions. A common symptom is over watering, which not only injures plants, but creates runoff that can lead to costly damage to pavement and walkways.

The most important part of an irrigation system is the “brains” – the controller. Like the dashboard of a car, you need to have critical information provided to you in order to drive. Sadly, conventional controllers do not have the technology to give you the feedback and control needed to run your system efficiently.

Smart irrigation controllers adjust watering to meet the plants changing needs for water throughout the year, unlike a typical watering schedule that is commonly not changed at all. Smart irrigation controllers use weather readings, like temperature and rainfall, to develop the optimum watering schedule for the plants and turf. By making 365 annual adjustments, rather, smart irrigation controllers save 30-60% of water usage, improve plant health and beauty, eliminate runoff, and put an end to watering worries. State-of-the-art smart control systems go a step further and integrate advanced system diagnostics, measure flow rates to identify breaks, and offer web and mobile access for remote programming, reports, asset tagging, standardized inspection templates, and alert notification.

How many traditional irrigation controllers are in the market today?

There are over 11 million outdated, antiquated controllers installed commercially across the U.S. today. This provides Associa’s community managers with a tremendous opportunity to bring real value to the properties they manage with an irrigation technology upgrade.

Why is water management such an important service to offer to your HOAs?

The price of water is rising faster than any other utility service, up to 70% of water is used for irrigation and the EPA says that 50% of commercial properties over water. With a smart water management service, you can dramatically lower one of the top 3 operating costs for most of the HOAs you manage.

What makes Weathermatic’s SmartLink cloud-based platform better than traditional irrigation controllers?

Comparison of conventional sprinkler timers and SmartLink Platform
Conventional Sprinkler TimerSmartLink Platform
Loses time, programming and landscape.Retains time, date, and program with no battery required for ordinance compliance.
Non-compliant with watering day restrictions = Frequent trips and costly fines. Non-compliant and illegal in many states.Complies with watering day restrictions and special event programming using cloud-based control.
Low efficiency = over watering to limit landscape loss due to weather changes.High efficiency = Automatically adjust watering times based on the onsite weather to save 30% to 70% in water.
No remote access for urgent programming changes.Remote access for urgent event shutdown and instant off capability to limit liabilities.
No remote monitoring or reporting.Fault monitoring and reporting of water savings.
Limited and commonly expired equipment warranty covering manufacturer defects only.Lifetime Total Equipment Protection Warranty (lightning, theft, and physical damage).

Will the Weathermatic smart control system be compatible with my community’s irrigation system?

Yes, the Weathermatic SmartLink control platform will retrofit perfectly to any automatic irrigation system. Because the retrofit upgrade to Weathermatic involves the control system only, it will operate with your existing irrigation pipes, valves and sprinklers. So, there is no digging or other disruption to the landscape.

Should I install the Weathermatic system if I have an old irrigation system that needs repairs?

There is never a “perfect” irrigation system due to the harsh outdoor environments and aging sprinkler equipment, so the Weathermatic system is an ideal first step to a system upgrade because its diagnostic tools help the landscaper find hidden valves in the ground and identify electrical problems with the existing system. Plus, the mobile inspection application makes it easy to identify repair items in a professional and standardized format with actual photos of the issues for streamlined work order approval.

What is the Capital Program?

Weathermatic has created an innovative financial program that solves the “How do I pay for it?” question. At the same time, Weathermatic has designed it so the labor / fuel savings, operational efficiencies, increased revenues and water savings together can more than offset the cost.

What are the benefits to Associa?

  • Competitive advantage
  • Differentiated service offering and value proposition
  • Ability to obtain extension of management contracts (stickiness factor)
  • More effectively manage water usage while improving the level of service you provide to the communities
  • Improved efficiencies for the community manager and landscape maintenance provider with remote access 24/7, greater visibility into each property, immediate response to irrigation issues, global off controls and comprehensive reporting
  • Mitigate water restriction fine avoidance, slip & fall claims and hardscape damage due to over watering and freeze issues (Weathermatic owns the patent for the onsite local weather station tied to each controller, thus they can automatically alert or shut off the system in freeze event).
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility with participation in Save Water / Give Life initiative.

What are the benefits to our communities?

  • Valuable technology upgrade at little to no cost*
  • Lower operating costs (typical water savings of 30 to 60% or electric savings if on well pump)
  • Total equipment protection warranty (lightning, theft, vandalism)
  • Real-time irrigation repairs with reports and photographic evidence
  • Automated watering based on real-time onsite weather
  • Water restriction / fine avoidance
  • Enhanced landscape health and beauty
  • Improved property values
  • Community involvement in an impactful social cause; Save Water / Give Life global initiative

(*Note: typically cash flow positive from day one, but may depend on the size of the property and existing irrigation infrastructure)

Can Weathermatic work with my community’s existing Landscape Maintenance Contractor (LMC)?

Yes, Weathermatic can work with a community’s incumbent LMC, the Associa Advantage landscape partner BrightView, or can identify select Premier Partners that can offer the capital program and are trained / qualified on using the SmartLink platform.

Would Weathermatic train the community’s new LMC?

Yes. If the LMC is not currently a Premier Partner of Weathermatic, we can provide training that would cover installation, programming and monitoring.

How does an LMC become a Premier Partner of Weathermatic?

You should have them contact Jamie Hahn at Weathermatic Phone: (732) 241-7551

What are the benefits of the SmartLink platform for the LMC?

  • More effectively manage water usage while enhancing the level of service they provide to the community
  • Improved operational efficiencies (labor & fuel) with remote access and standardized inspection tools
  • Greater visibility into the property and immediate response to irrigation issues
  • Reduced unscheduled / unreimbursed truck rolls
  • Increased repair revenues

Can the HOA directly finance the equipment through the Capital Program?

Yes, the HOA can directly finance as long as they meet the minimum credit requirements and finance amounts.

Does an LMC or HOA have to use the Capital Program?

No, cash and Capital Program options are both available. With that being said, the Capital Program is typically the best way to go as it buys down the equipment cost, removes the capital investment requirement and can generate a financial return in the first month. However, there is a minimum finance amount required, so some smaller properties may not qualify on their own. This is why we work through Premier Partners as they are able to implement across a portfolio of properties enabling them to easily meet the minimum requirements.

What happens if the HOA cancels the contract with their current LMC?

Sometimes even with excellent service, the incumbent LMC may lose the maintenance contract. This is why Weathermatic spent a tremendous amount of time and energy in engineering financial solutions that are tailored to work for Associa, the HOA and LMC. We have provided flexibility and protection if those unanticipated changes occur.

  1. Assignment – There is no doubt that the community will already be enjoying the benefits provided by the SmartLink solution. Assignment provides an easy transfer to the HOA whereby all equipment remains in place and they take the responsibility for the remaining payments. The new LMC would simply take over managing and monitoring the system.
  2. Transfer – This option allows the LMC to take the air card out of each controller and transfer to a new property and in doing so they retain the responsibility for any remaining payments left from the initial term. The controllers and weather stations would remain at the property providing the HOA with a fully functioning irrigation control system; they would simply need to require that the new LMC take over management and monitoring of the system. In addition, it is recommended that the new LMC add an Aircard to each controller in order to enable the cloud-based connectivity, reporting and ongoing protection warranty.

How do I get started to assess and qualify my property?

Contact Jamie Hahn at Weathermatic. You will need to provide the # of irrigation controllers on the property along with the name of the landscape maintenance contractor.
Phone: (732) 241-7551

What support resources and tools exist?

For more information, go to Associa Advantage web site, visit Weathermatic at or view informative videos on the Weathermatic YouTube channel by searching Weathermatic TV.

  • Video of our Save Water I Give Life social cause where we “share the savings” from the water conversation programs with thirsty communities around the world:

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